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This week…Utterly Dependent

I have been re-reading Deuteronomy for the last week or so. There is much to take note of throughout these chapters, but what I’ve been struck with most is our utter dependence on God. In Deuteronomy 6 God warns His people through Moses when houses are richly stocked, when one gets water from wells one … Continue reading

Meditate with Mandalas

Mandalas are mostly used in the Hindu and Buddhist religions, but I find them to be helpful for Christians as well. The detailed circular images are used to focus oneself and aid in the art of meditation. I encourage you to print off some of your favorite mandala patterns and color them in. Focus on … Continue reading

Church Elders

Speaking only from my experience in the evangelical churches I grew and served in I share with you the role of elders within a church body. As a child you see quiet men with stone serious faces stand in front of church accepting the responsibility of elder, but usually do not know the context. The … Continue reading

This week…Giving is an Inconvenience

The week after Christmas a pastor preached on giving. He mentioned how an offering to God is not an offering until it prevents you from doing something you planned on, wanted or always do. Giving out of wealth is good, but giving out of your “need” is essential to spiritual growth. Mike and I were … Continue reading

A Sacrifice of “Thanks”

Asaph is overlooked as a psalmist. He’s one of my favorites, but often is overshadowed by King David’s slew of psalms. Today we take a break from one of the more popular characters of history and remain with Asaph in Psalm 50. He begins this psalm full of adoration declaring God’s sovereignty and majesty over … Continue reading

Cultivate a Relationship

Growing up the Church was always telling me being a Christian was all about having a personal relationship with Jesus. I was confused because no one ever really addressed how to cultivate a relationship. They would tell me to do daily devotions or have my quiet times, but with no direction as to how. Read … Continue reading

This week…Muddy & Saved

For me one of the harder concepts of Christianity to explain to people not of this faith is sin. Since God is all about reconciliation it only makes sense someone knows what caused the rift in the first place. Unfortunately telling someone they are unholy, imperfect and in need of a savior is often troubling … Continue reading

Senior Class Commencement

This day probably feels somewhat surreal since for the last 13 years of you life, nearly the majority, you’ve been going to school from 8-3pm every day. Some might think today signifies a personal freedom: sleeping in, no more exams or lectures from Mr. Johnson or school lunches. Maybe today is a relief since high school has never really felt like a fit for you, or rather you a fit for your peers.


Trinity is never mentioned only alluded to in Scripture and is arguably the most difficult theological concept to comprehend. There are plenty of illustrations pastors have used over the years to communicate this truth, but most of us fail miserably to describe such complex a Deity. Still, people would be at a loss if we … Continue reading

This week…I am an Adult

I remember in seminary being asked the moment we felt like pastors. This week I realized the moment I felt like an adult. I’m approaching my 6th wedding anniversary and I can safely say it was not the moment I said “I do”. I did not feel like an adult when I graduated high school, … Continue reading